1. World Patient Safety Day is observed on 17 September each year with the objectives of increasing public awareness and engagement, enhancing global understanding, and spurring global solidarity and action to promote patient safety.

2. Each year a campaign is launched on a selected patient safety-related theme. The overall goal of World Patient Safety Day is to improve globally patient safety at the point of care. To support this endeavour, World Patient Safety Day goals are released every year. The goals aim to achieve tangible and measurable improvements at the point of health service delivery. Each goal is accompanied by suggested actions based on existing WHO guidance, which could facilitate improvement in the focused safety practice domain. Links to available WHO resources on the subject are provided with each goal.

3. The World Patient Safety Day goals 2021–2022 are aimed at making maternal and newborn care safer. Target audiences are; health care facilities and health service providers, point of care health workers, patient groups, professional associations, policy makers, health administrators.

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